NOP Needles - Anesthetic Needles

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105-2701 NOP Needles 27G/Short(21mm)
105-2702 NOP Needles 27G/Long(30mm)
105-3001 NOP Needles 30G/X-Short(12mm)
105-3002 NOP Needles 30G/Short(21mm)
105-3003 NOP Needles 30G/Long(25mm)
105-3101 NOP Needles 31G/X-Short(12mm)

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NOP Needles
Standard contains: 100 sterilized needles/box

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• Ultra-sharp, triple beveled stainless steel               •For use on standard 1.8ml syringes
• EO sterilized                                                            •Polypropylene hub with aluminum insert
• 6 different sizes
      27G/Short ( 0.4mmx21mm)
      27G/Long (0.4mmx30mm)
      30G/X-Short (0.3mmx12mm)
      30G/Short (0.3mmx21mm)
      30G/Long (0.3mmx25mm)
      31G/X-Short (0.26mmx12mm)

Standard contains:
100 sterilized needles/box